Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's Been a Good Six Years

i have had the luxury of not ever really having to move the past 6 years. that is virtually unheard of seeing as how during the last 6 years i was in college, graduated, got a job, got married, etc. we bought the house that we live in from the 'rents because they bought it for me and my sister when we came to college. its not much. a typical 1960's house. but its got character. and a lot of love has gone into it. my sister and i along with carol, mandy, and jamie changed it into a great college girl house. we had some amazing times in that house. then me and david made it a home. toned down some of the brightly colored rooms and made it "us."

we also took on some huge projects that i liken to labor (like, having a baby) in that, no matter how painful and miserable we were, afterwards we seemed to forget about the bad and moved onto the next miserable project. some of these include ripping up all the carpet upstairs and refinishing hardwoods in the middle of summer (when, a few days in, our ac gave out and we almost died of heat stroke and fumes). then we remodeled the kitchen. we thought we could get this done a week before david's family came to town for christmas. we may have been able to pull this off, but we will never know because two days before his family's arrival i contracted rotavirus from the baby i was keeping and spent the entire christmas visit in bed. then came the painting the exterior of the house. not only did i get bit by a black widow spider during this process (of course david was out of town so i spent one night horribly sick by myself and the next two days on my friend, leigh anne's, couch so that if i died, there would be a witness) but after three weeks of excruciating heat we outsourced the work to our friend dan in exchange for some drum shells. that is only a fraction of what we have been through together. but now, it is time to move on.

it is sad. so much of our history as a couple is in this house. but we are beyond ready to leave auburn. so here's to good times and more to be had. 

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Lana said...

congrats on the move. i'm excited for you guys. and good luck with selling the house. i know thats probably not the easiest thing in the world to do.