Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tips for Concert-Goers

so friday night, david and i were lucky enough to get tickets to go to the john mayer concert in atlanta. well, actually it was in alpharetta (which reminded me of why i don't like leaving downtown). but anyway, it was an amphitheater show, which next to really small venues are my absolute favorite. it was amazing. john mayer is amazing. i'm sad we will be missing ryan adams in a few weeks.

anyway...we had lawn seats, which i love. but that meant we got there at 6:30 to claim our seats...much like the student section for an auburn football game. in the two hours before the concert as well as the time during the concert, i gathered these few nuggets of wisdom that i feel compelled to share with everyone. 

  • just because it is possible to lay down and grope each other on your blanket as you wait for the concert to start, does not mean that you should. 
  • if you have general admission tickets and you are aware that people have been sitting for quite some time to get their great seats, don't show up after the opening act and squeeze in front of those people.
  • if you do decide to be a jerk and do the above, don't stand up and dance in front of them as you are being booed by the entire section of people sitting behind you
  • don't hit on a married man in front of his wife. seriously, girl, you about got your ass knocked out. 
  • do try anything...our friend, sam, decided that he wanted to at least try to get his john mayer signature strat signed (seeing as how he was on the front row) and it worked. during the concert, john stopped and noticed and said "when you are lucky enough to make it to the point that you get a guitar with your name on it, and a fan brings you that guitar, you have to sign it" john's so awesome. 
  • if you are over 50 and are wearing a fanny pack, please, dance until your heart's content. 
  • do see an act in their hometown, because its so much better
ok, i think that's it for now. 

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Greta said...

My favorites are definitely #s 4 & 6!