Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Miss Auburn

yes, i actually just said that. a few months ago, you couldn't have paid me to stay here. and it is kind of a pain to not actually get to live in our new home on the weekends. but the point is, i miss auburn from time to time. i miss the simplicity of it. NOTHING is simple in atlanta. i miss simple.

here are some of the specific things i miss:
- i miss traffic being trying to get to the chick-fil-a on magnolia during a class change.
- i miss encounter.
- i miss waffle house after encounter.
- i miss a place being "too far away" meaning it took more than 5 minutes to drive there. 
- i miss being able to walk anywhere and not worry for your life.
- i miss band rehearsals (although i am listening to one right now)
- i miss hanging out downtown...reading, writing, talking, whatever...
- i miss season tickets and the student section.
- i miss hanging out at the blounts' house
- i miss the bond you have with people when you all know that that's your home. 

there is something amazingly unique about auburn. the older i get, i know it can't stay the same. i would be miserable if i still lived here. everyone gets younger. but still it was an amazing 6 years and i will continue to miss it nonetheless. who knows, maybe if our house doesn't sell, we can come back whenever we want. 

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