Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Conversation Transcript

every now and then, i am reminded of how much i love david and the times that we just make each other laugh - most of the time over nothing. last night we were having a "nothing" fight. we weren't even mad, but this is the random conversation as david leaves the room to go to the bathroom...(there is a very high probability that this will not be funny written out but oh well)

me: "it sounds like you are peeing on the floor."
david: "maybe i am...maybe i just want you to have to clean it up."
me: "no thanks. i already did that once today." (at pre-school)
david: (as he picks out a new music dvd to take to work) "what do i want to take tomorrow? i feel like i'm going to showing tale...and yes, i just said showing tale."
me: "that sounds like a strip joint."
david: "it is in panama city."
me: " since you are going to rub my back, you get to pick what we watch...what do you want?"
david: "i like how you slipped it in that i am rubbing your back."
me: "yeah, so what do you want to watch...oooh! they have alf!!!" ( it out.)
david: "do you know what alf stands for?"
me: "alien life form...duh."
david: "do you know what his real name was?"
me: "ooooh....gordon? gordon something?"
david: "gordon what?
me: "i don't know and i know there's no way you know that either."
david: "we actually just talked about it at work...that's how i know."
me: "oh well whatever...ooooh! the facts of life! do you know what famous movie actor started on the facts of life."
david: "mmmm no"
me: "george clooney...and suddenly you're findin' that the facts of life are all about you...ooooh ooooh...i used to love that show. (i continue to look for something to watch, then start singing...) makin' your way in the world today takes everything you got....i think i'm singing punky brewster now."
david: "really? wouldn't you like to get away. sometimes you wanna go..."
me: "where everybody knows your name...damn"
david: "there it is. turn on family guy and let's go to bed."
me: "alright but you still have to rub my back."

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