Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vintage Vietnam Slides

i love my dad. he is one of the smartest men i've ever met. he has worked hard his entire life and is so proud to do so. he spent the majority of his time with me and liz when we were little - mostly at the zoo or mcdonald's. reading us leather-bound whinnie the pooh books or watching gilligan's island with us.

but before he even thought about the terrifying idea of having 3 children, he was in the navy. he joined when he was 18 and wound up in vietnam as a gunner on a helicopter. he was one of the few who signed up for vietnam and was proud to serve his country. too bad his country didn't feel the same way. he was never thanked until i was 10 years old and a vietnam vet spoke at our church for a memorial day service. 

anyway, while he was there he took a whole bunch of 35 mm slides. not many people have seen them. i offered to scan and edit them. somewhere along the way i got designated as our families "historian" - maybe it has something to do with the history degree - but its a job that i greatly love. so i think i might be putting up a picture every now and then. it takes a while to scan them AND edit them so i will be picking my favorites from each group and add them. 

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