Sunday, January 25, 2009

Matchstic Christmas

so last night matchstic finally had its christmas party (sometimes referred to as the "celebrate the new year" party) and whatnot. it was awesome. there was a little pre-game stress but once everyone got there, we had a blast. as someone who has been around that house when it's all boys, i love it when the wives come, because then the boys stop calling each other names and being pissy with each other and everyone has a great time. although there is still some lighthearted banter (how do you expect gern to sit at a table with dishes and not use his favorite one-liner "i love plates, but i hate bowles" - john bowles being one of the designers). but at the end of the day, they really are a family.

anyway, i haven't done a top 8/bottom 4 in a while so i figured now would be a good time...

top 8:
1. gern winning the name game by having a name no one could remember
2. bowles being "poo poo face" in the name game
3. "c'mon, julie, did you fart?" - nick to bowles' wife 
4. any game that involves putting on kevlar gloves and a helmet
5. an awesome steak dinner - everyone did an amazing job 
6. craig saying something so inappropriate it had to be passed around the table in a whisper
7. finally getting to meet alvin
8. the most lively discussion about the movie "the 3 musketeers" i've ever seen. talk about an all star cast

bottom 4:
1. having tomato soup explode out of the blender: made a huge mess and burned me all at the same time
2. saying there was no way i would get into a game that involved gloves and a helmet (never say that, the excitement will make you do things)
3. not being able to finish that ridiculous steak
4. i really wanted to wrap something in bacon and david said no cause gern was making bacon cheddar mashed potatoes. so i switch to tomato soup. what does gern show up with? potato and tomato gratin. i really wanted my bacon! david.

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