Friday, February 27, 2009

What I'm Reading

not really. but i do love to read. i might say i have an almost unnatural love for reading. i think it's somewhere between the fact that i love history and factual knowledge and that, as a child, i would live in my own imaginary world. therefore, i get excited about reading historical/non-fiction books while still taking time to read novels (where i still usually pick out a character and read the book as if i am that person). i have my dad to thank for my love of books and reading.

this year, i decided to take on a challenge that i have long thought about and that is to read all the books on modern library's best novels list. mostly because there are a lot of older books that i have been wanting to read. and i thought this would help me get started. now, there isn't any tolstoy, kerouac, dostoyevsky, or a ton of other authors i want to read. but it is a jumping off point. 

but before i can even crack that list i have to finish the current book i'm
 working on king leopold's ghost by adam hochschild. it is the amazing historical account of the attrocities that took place in the congo during colonization by belgium. a colony that was held as personal property by a king obsessed with an empire for his tiny country. you should really just read it yourself. 

then i have to read my friend jarrett stevens' book the deity formerly known as God. i'm really excited
 about this one. getting to explore 6 misconceptions of God - 3 positive and 3 negative - and how they affect the way we view God. super stoked. and its always cool 
to read something by someone you see everyday. 

and lasty, the book on everyone's must read list this year, same kind of different as me. from what everyone (and i do mean everyone) has told me this book is uh-mazing. so i'm pretty excited to get going on that one as well. 

well, this having been posted, i'm am going to forego my normal friday morning routine of catching up on tv shows on and instead try to finish up lepold's ghost. this book really gets my veins burning with compassion and the desire for justice. ahhhhh!


elizabeth said...

OMG - i was at books a million last night and we passed a table of historical-fiction books and i told jd i should get you one of each!
also, while i was there i scribbled down my new list of "to read" books. it is my new goal - to read. a lot.
and, same kind of different as me will change your life. keep tissue with you at all times!

Bek* said...

awww i love you.