Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Dad's a Chief!

i love my dad. obviously. just read the birthday post. but i really am so proud to be his daugher and i have him to thank for much of who i am today.

one of the greatest things he has taught me is what it is to be a hard worker. he actually spent the time teaching me this as i was growing up, but he has also been an even greater example. anyone who knows my dad, knows that he was a firefighter for the greater part of his career. a teacher at our school actually called him once to help get a cat out of a tree. he got to light the bonfire at the homecoming pep rally. he was once serenaded with a song about a fireman by a friend of ours an auburn football game.

we loved what he did, because we thought it was cool to visit the station and play cards with the other firemen. although, there was the one traumatic night that my mom let us watch "backdraft" on tv while my dad was at work and we freaked out and had to call him immediately. the best part was that we had 2 out of every 3 days with him.

then later, he moved on to become a fire investegator. he was a city employee as well as a stint as a private arson investegator. then he applied for fire marshal. you have to pass police academy to have authority to arrest so at 55 years old, dad not only graduated but was vice president of his class. it was as fm that he was able to arrest 2 of the 3 arsonists in the church fire case in 2006. i remember the phone call when it was all over and he was so happy to get to stay home with mom for the first time in a long time.

well, all that to say that he's done it again. he called me the other night to tell me that he made fire chief. that's a big deal. he's the top dog now. it's one of those things that i don't expect anybody else to find as great as i do. i just wanted everyone to know. so yeah, that's my dad. i like him.


Greta said...

What a great accomplishment!
Isn't it a good feeling to be so proud of your parents? :)

Bek* said...

greta! did you read my mind? because i was just thinking about how awesome it is to be able to be proud of your parents. and just to have a great relationship with them, etc. anyway...yeah. it's awesome!

elizabeth said...

yay grego! i know bek, i was so proud of him, like he was my kid...but my dad! i love daddy!