Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Tale of the Tahoe

so as many of you know, on the evening of july 30, our tahoe was stolen from our supposedly secure, gated parking deck at our apartment. this being atlanta and all, we assumed it was gone for good.

well, last friday, david gets notification that our tahoe has been recovered. in none other than illustrious college park. so after a few phone calls, we were informed that we owed $480 to retrieve our stolen vehicle because it had been impounded for about a week without our knowledge. when asked if they could tell us what condition it was in they just said "no."

needless to say, i am ticked. i am not about to pay almost $500 to get my car that was impounded - because it was stolen and then abandoned - back. no, sir. i'm already mad because i am just imagining us getting there and our car is in perfect condition except it smells like pot and somebody pooped in the back of it. and we are stuck with it like that.

so we start out at the atlanta police station - the scariest building in the old fourth ward - to get a copy of the police report. after being misdirected a few times, we finally make our way through the parking deck to a separate part of the building. i felt like we were walking into a speakeasy where we would be met by a man with a tommy gun expecting us to know the secret knock and code word. anyway, we finally get the police report and make our way to the impound lot out by the airport. we get there and walk into the trailer and tell the guy we are there to see our car. we just want to look at it, to see if it's damaged.

"ok, but you can't take anything out of it until it's paid for."
"thank you, but i seriously doubt there's anything left to take." little did i know how right i was.

so, we hold our breath and walk to the far back corner of the lot. we turn the corner and the large man who escorted us out there releases a wounded "oooh." as we see the fate of our beloved tahoe.

at least no one pooped in it.


Greta said...

As I'm reading this, Sam goes "truuuuck". Yea, notsomuch anymore.

ian bowling said...

So did you pay the $480 dollars for it or leave it as a ward of the state?

Bek* said...

ummm, no. we did not pay that trash.