Monday, December 28, 2009

Wilkey Christmas in Photos

liz in her lamby (it still cracks me up to say it, but hey, can't argue with a soft robe)

dad got a book on the history of strats

if you ignore the fact that i look high here, i love this one of c. mom always puts fruit in our stocking. i think she is the first child to ever eat the fruit instead of candy.
mom and dad got adopted for life, so they can read and get excited about being adoptive grandparents.
 how can you not love this face?
after the "amos fund" donation. so sweet!

*disclaimer: my mom would never paint a room in her house pink and blue, so if you notice that in the background it is because that is what we uncovered during the renovation. 


Greta said...

Sounds like a perfect Christmas.
I need to hear more about this Amos business. Is there a baby on the way? Or do they just have a name picked out?

Bek* said...

they just have a name picked out. they start their homestudy in about a week. Liz has started a blog. I'll post a link to it when she actually posts on it!