Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Haiti Nutrition Project

my friends, mandy and joel busby (who i have mentioned before) have given blood, sweat and tears to this mission called the haiti nutrition project. i love getting to talk to them about all the Lord has done down there. they have such amazing stories. they go down a few times a year to work and they take groups a few more times (i'm really hoping to get to go on the "friends" trip this year!).

anyway, i'm just really excited that they now have a great website courtesy of some friends (josh hausen, bob miller, caleb chancey and cary norton). so add the blog to your reader and keep updated as they share what God is doing through a little peanut butter.

Haiti - Canaan Orphanage Malnutrition Initative from andrew hudson on Vimeo.
oddly enough i had written this yesterday afternoon (scheduled to post today), yet it seems to be quite timely. today a 7.0 earthquake hit haiti. please pray for the people that have lost loved ones and those that are injured, that they will receive adequate care. i spoke with mandy (who lives in the states) to see if she had spoken with anyone and everyone at canaan is doing well. please pray that perhaps this awful occurrence will bring attention to the conditions the majority of haitians live in on a daily basis. for more information, check here.

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