Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Life Update

this weekend we were in atlanta to meet our new nephew (pictures forthcoming, of course). monday night we worked til 10 pm. the boys came and helped us hang bead board in the bathroom. they are amazing. they also got free pizza. so, mom is awesome, too.

last night was small group. first time in a group since moving to birmingham. it was awesome. however, we miss our nights with the peters. and then tonight i had another late night, so instead of getting groceries, i stopped by mcdonald's on the way home.

the good news is that i got everything done. hardwoods are being laid (lain? laid.) tomorrow, and i successfully got all the rooms painted and everything off the floors (if you only knew what a feat that was.)

this is how i feel right now. hopefully there will be posts soon of the updated remodel and of baby jackson but for now, i need some sleep. and a shower.

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Design A-Peele said...

I can't wait to see how everything looks! By the way, you won the giveaway! Send me your address!