Friday, January 15, 2010


when we moved to birmingham, my mom gave us her old dining room table - a solid wood french provincial piece that i can't wait to post once i overhaul it (there is a good sanding and gray-washing coming it's way). we haven't had a dining table for a while and we miss sitting at a table to eat, but you know what's vital to sitting at a table? chairs. those we still don't have. and me, being the idealistic type, can't find what i really want.

the other day design*sponge featured the apartment of myriah scruggs and nadia yaron of nightwood. i fell in love with the monochromatic style of their place and the different treatments of wood that they have going on. it's absolutely gorgeous.

image via design*sponge

this feature on design*sponge, led me to their website and i came across these. i would take either set. i love the matching chairs with unique upholstery. but i also really love four completely different chairs. it's time to go to the thrift store and see what i can find!
images via nightwood

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