Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to My...

happy 26th birthday, husband! i have had my fair share of sloppy cheesy blogs about you. so here are are the day to day reasons i love you so much.

you never let me say i'm ugly (or fat, or having a bad hair day, etc, etc...). you always give me a kiss before you leave the house (unless i'm not there). the way you love Jesus and the way you tell me what He is teaching you. you actually like to go to the grocery store and cook. there are only specific things you can watch to fall asleep. you wear nothing but levi's. you love plants vs. zombies (and did waaaaay before the iPad came out) and sometimes its the reason we don't eat dinner. you love books as much as i do (just completely different, more boring business-y books). you (almost) always rub my shoulders when i ask. you never believe my projects will work but you trust me and build what i ask you to anyway (then wind up loving it). you love your family and my family. we say the same things at the same times and its scary. you "hate" glee, but you smile when it's on. you love gilmore girls. you are sooooo patient with me. you would rather be in the same room with me than not and i think that's cute. you are an amazing drummer. you are so encouraging and i think i take it for granted sometimes. you love anthropologie. you are an amazing uncle and i can't wait to see you play with your own children. you won't spend the night away unless you absolutely have to, even if it means getting up at 2 in the morning to drive to another state. you are amazing at your job. you want your life to count and i love hearing you talk about it. you're hot.

i love you,

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julianne butler said...

okay, now I'm subscribed to yours! and this post is REALLY sweet. love you guys!