Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter in Houston

we had a great, relaxing easter weekend with the ytterbergs out in houston. we left on friday and got back last night. it was a little too short but a great time all the same. everytime we get together, another baby is added to the mix! they are getting so big. it's sad to live so far away. we saw kaleigh when she was a few weeks old, then BAM! all of a sudden, she's 7 months old. and jackson is getting so much bigger too! it's all happening so fast!

kaleigh is such a sweet, content baby. she can sit a table with the grown ups with the best of 'em. she's so fun, has the greatest laugh and is just a happy baby. jackson is getting to be so grown up i swear the next time i see him, he'll be walking...he's too cute and somehow looks just like chuck and charlie.

sadly, i only have these pictures from the weekend. our camera would not fit in either bag so it got left behind.

i love this one of david and kaleigh. he's such a sweet uncle.

david loves to cook in his mother's kitchen. a lot.

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