Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TOMS Wishlist

my sweet friend courtney (i mean, really, you should feel like you are her best friend right now) works for a company that gets toms shoes into retailers. (if you aren't familiar with toms' movement, you should check it out.) that is, by no means, all they do. it's just a small part of it. but it is a part of it. and with that, comes knowledge of toms. so we spent some time looking at shoes, including some of the new fall stuff that is going blow your freakin' mind. (i don't know if i can talk about it, but it includes metallic thread! swoon...)

i haven't bought a new pair in, oh, about three years. so while we were there, i mentally compiled a wishlist. here are some toms i would love to adorn my feet.

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