Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Whale Nursery

so i have always had this feeling deep, deep down inside that we are going to have a girl first. i don't know why. but we have only ever been able to agree on a girl name and i have a nursery completely decorated in my brain.

however, i was randomly thinking how awesome it would be to have a little boy named jonah and do a whale-themed nursery. well, "theme" would be the wrong word. i can't stand themes. but just a few accents would be cute, i think.

this whale mobile would be awesome! it was made by enormous champion for their national stationary show booth, and as far as i can tell is not for sale, but once i saw it, nothing else really compared. (image via design*sponge)

i'm also a sucker for anything letterpress and i think this print (also from enormous champion) would be amazing. but seriously, people, two whale pieces is as far as i'd go.

honorable mention:
this "art" is very epic. although it might be too frightening for a nursery. i could imagine poor little 4-year old jonah staring at it as the moonlight comes in the window...wanting to look away but scared to.

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Design A-Peele said...

cute idea. i hate themes too. I call them accent.