Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our Memorial Weekend

could i be any worse at uploading pictures? (and, yes, that is a nod to chandler bing). well, i finally uploaded the pictures we took when david's family came over to visit on memorial day. we walked down to mountain brook village for a nice brunch at another broken egg, took some pictures at one of the lookouts, and finished it all up with some coffee at o'henry's. such a fun day!

i love his big blue eyes!!

they are a pretty family
if you are new: liz (david's sister), david (holding liz and charlie's son jackson), chuck (david's dad), and nancy (david's mom)

i think he's pretty handsome. holding a baby suits him, don't you think?


the southern hostess said...

So cute! Your blog is lovely. I'm so glad I found you.

vanessa said...

Love that last picture! Great background!

Katie said...

Yes and yes. Miss you.