Monday, November 15, 2010

Pain, Suffering and Blessing

i know people don't really like "wordy" posts, but i hope that you will read this. it's great perspective...

"Maybe you're infertile [read: having a hard time...sickness, death, depression, etc] and you're wondering if this means you're personally cursed by God. maybe you read passages in the old testament about the blessing of a fruitful womb for the obedient and the curses of barrenness for the cursed, and you're wondering if you're rejected by God.


remember, we can't bypass Jesus when reading passages that he tells us are all about him (luke 24: 44-45). he is the obedient israel and he receives the blessing of God. he is also the One who bore the curse on our behalf, every bit of it (galatians 3:13). if you've believed in Christ, you are blessed and not cursed, whatever the situation you see around you.

I can't explain what the infertility means for you, but i can tell you that God is not punishing you. how do i know? if you are in Christ, your punishment was absorbed in the body of a crucified Jesus. there is no more condemnation for you (romans 8:1). God is disciplining you, shaping you and he often uses suffering to do so, but he isn't punishing you. he views you within the body of his Christ and he loves and delights in you. whatever is happening in your life, nothing can separate you from the love of God in Christ. (romans 8:31-39)..."

- dr. russell moore, adopted for life

also, congratulations to our friends beth and matt peele who have just found out they will be adopting a precious baby in february!

what if you're not a Christian?
"...if you don't know Christ, God isn't punishing you at all (hebrews 12:8), though he is sovereign over everything that happens in your life. he is calling you to be found in Christ, and the curse that awaits you comes at judgement, not now. for now there's a temporary suspension of doom, and God is doing good to you, as you can see by the air you're breathing and the blood pushing through your veins (acts 14:16-17). as Jesus tells his disciples, the horrible circumstances that happen to people in this life aren't a one-to-one retaliation for sin (luke 13:1-4). but Jesus does tell us that if we don't repent, these things - be it infertility or towers falling on us - will be the least of our problems."


Design A-Peele said...

thanks friend! I am hurting with you and pray for God to show you quickly what he has for you. I just could cry with you. So thankful you have such truth surrounding you!

Ericka B. Jackson said...

Thanks friend. This is great...really appreciate you sharing. Lots of truth here!