Friday, November 5, 2010

30 Rock

well, i'm basically recovered. but up until yesterday, i haven't been able to drive. while my sister has been so kind as to come pick me up, i have also been spending lots of time on the good ole couch. and i have fallen in love...with 30 rock. i know, i know...5 seasons and and a butt-ton of emmy's later. but i just started at season 1 on netflix.

i have such a girl crush on tina fey and amy poehler (i also watched the first 2 seasons of parks and recreation) and a man crush on seth meyers (what, he's not on either of those shows? whoops...), which just goes to prove that you can be a staunch conservative and still have a sense of humor.

anyway, thank you, tina. thank you for making me laugh...

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