Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wish List: Books

i have been slacking on my reading lately, which is odd for me. about the most reading i get done is the articles in garden & gun, and i have officially made it halfway through anna karenina (a year and a half later). but i do have two books picked out for the summer.
1. josh ritter's bright's passage: i can hardly wait for this book to be released. josh ritter is one of my favorite artists and his songs tell such amazing stories that this book has no other possibility but to be amazing. 
2. tina fey's bossypants: i think she's hilarious. i just love the way she talks. 

i also have a design book wish list. i would love these books to grace various tables in our home. plus i just can't get enough of inspiring photographs. 
1. the selby is in your place
2. domino (i bought this for my sister years ago and never got around to buying it myself. i still love it.)
3. undecorate
4. simply scandinavian

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