Monday, October 17, 2011

Kisses from Katie

yesterday, katie davis came and spoke for a little bit at our church. she is the author of the well known blog "kisses from katie" and is now the author of a book by the same title. i have this book and can NOT wait to start reading it. I would highly recommend everyone picking up a copy.

her story, in a nutshell: as a senior in high school she committed to teaching kindergarten in uganda for a year before heading to college. after her year was up, and she was back in the states, she felt called to return to uganda for an extended time. she then through a series of amazing events came to have 14 little girls under her roof, who call her - a 22 year old - mama. her blog is an amazing example of the strength and power and grace and mercy of the Lord in impossible situations (not to mention, she is an amazingly gifted writer).

listening to her speak was amazing, because (like she says in the video below) she didn't miraculously find what God wanted her to do with her life. she just followed Jesus's teaching to love the Lord with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. she never set out to be this famous adoptive mom, she just slowly started taking in children who needed a home. she also is a major advocate for keeping children in their biological families, so she will also rehabilitate children on top of her own 14 and then send them back to family, or she will sometimes even take in the mother as well to teach them how to care for their children. she has had the homeless town drunk live in her back yard, so that she and her girls can share Jesus with him and she and her girls went into one of the worst slums in uganda and created relationships with women who even ugandan women won't talk to. she is so inspiring, but more than anything it just shows how simple it is to obey the call of God on your life - whatever that may be. she just kept saying, "God told me to just be faithful in the little, and he would be faithful in the much." absolutely.

here also is a video promoting her new book and sharing her story.

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