Friday, November 4, 2011

Circus Costumes!

so, last weekend we went to memphis to visit liz and jd and the babies. we got there around 10:00 friday night and liz was making the kids' costumes so we stayed up til 1:30 finishing them. it was so fun and just such a good time to talk to my sister. i love her so much.

anyway, i thought i would share how adorable they were in their costumes. we didn't do any halloween things while we were there, but liz made them try them on so we could see the fruits of our labor (they went out monday night). i think this may have been the greatest thing i've ever seen. amos loved it. evie did not.

the rest of the weekend was amazing and we got to visit their church, which was awesome. i may or may not have cried putting amos down for his nap on sunday knowing we would be gone before he woke up. he had his head on my shoulder and i hugged him and said "i just love you sooooooo much," and he picked up his head, grabbed my face and kissed me. he is the sweetest boy. 

 also this:

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