Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Wish List

...and you know what that means. it's that time of year...time to start thinking about gifts for the fam. this year, i actually plan on making a lot of things. and while i was at it, i thought of a few things that i have had my eye on. some of them are ridiculous and just pretty and some are more realistic. also, i actually love that i'm getting to the age where it's harder and harder to think of things i want and i'm learning it is so much more fun to give than receive. i just can't advertise what i'm getting others...

1 - capri blue candle in volcano: my favorite candle and the jars are so pretty you can use them for all sorts of things after the candle is gone.
2 - penguin classics clothbound series: i've been collecting these for a couple of years now, but they are so pretty who can stop?
3 - coatt "love me do" morse code necklace: the perfect wear-everyday-necklace
4 - mint boden mocs: too bad they're sold out
5 - terrarium: i have decided to start incorporating more green, living things in my house and i really want to start with a terrarium
6 - anthropologie long jane loungers: for this future stay-at-home mom
7 - rebecca wilson perfume bottles: these are so ridiculous...and i don't even have the energy to do the conversion rate on £375
8 - reminder bow ring: perfect everyday ring
9 - alex monroe peacock ring: an unattainable
10 - josh ritter vinyl: the mp3's just aren't enough...and while we're at it, a new record needle would be great
11 - a painting by courtney j. garrett: courtney is a friend of mine from college who is an amazingly talented artist. i have been dying to get my hands on one of her new pieces.

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