Friday, November 18, 2011


you better believe that tonight mandy, joanna and i will be heading to see breaking dawn, part 1. and who's that coming with us? oh, that's right. joel, robbie and david. heck yes.

as joel was saying the other day "harry potter is about the triumph of good over evil. twilight is about the importance of having a boyfriend." hilarious. and true. and i don't care.

come on. 'fess up. you know you love who do you love? edward or jacob?


Joanna said...

I love Jacob, because he is really nice. But edward, oh edward...I like how he's all protective and shiz. He's got really good hair too. BUUUUUT jacob has really nice abs and a nice tan.

rebekah said...

Joanna- you are so ridiculous. And for that, I love you! 3 more hours!!!