Monday, November 14, 2011

Yard Sale Success

the yard sale went so well on saturday. thank you so much to all the people who donated, who came by to visit and especially those who bought stuff. we actually got to talk to some people who have adopted, who had siblings who were adopted and even one woman who gave up a child 10 years ago. they were all so encouraging and sweet. we are just so ready to have this little baby home!

hilarious one point a police officer pulls up and david walks over and gets micah. all i can hear from the porch is "did you get a permit?" to which micah told us he replied, "yeah, i got one from the mayor." micah thought the guy was joking, and then he said "well, i need to see it." so micah starts to back track saying he thought it was a joke. he really didn't have a permit. the next thing i see is the cop start laughing and saying he was just messing with us. he was there to shop. julianne told him he had to buy something after that.

julianne made these super sweet onesies to sell at the yard sale. thankfully, i was able to snag one.

so i have to say a huge, gigantic, enormous thank you to julianne and micah who had the idea in the first place and who did pretty much all the work. we are so thankful that they are our friends. we love them and their two sweet babies so so much. sadly, we didn't take a picture together either so i borrowed this one so i could show their sweet faces. (photo)

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