Sunday, January 15, 2012

Best of 2011

who missed me? no one? i'm (ahem) a little bit behind on all of this, i know. but i figured i would do the obligatory best of 2011 post to remember the good times, half of which i failed to blog about in the first place. so here goes...(i'll try to keep it short)


- auburn won the national championship which was one of the greatest things. part of me never thought i'd see that happen.
- jack turned 1! (and he has since turned 2 as well.)


- we visited david's grandma in st pete, florida. this was the same weekend that mark and katelyn told us they were pregnant!
- i turned 27 and did not blog about it. and apparently didn't even take a picture of it. oh well.
- we kept lil boo while his parents looked for a new place to live all the way in memphis :(

- liz, jd, amos and evie moved to memphis, and i plunged into a deep depression
- amos turned 1! and on his actual birthday, he became a permanent part of the wilson family!


- we celebrated easter with my family which was wonderful.
- it was david's turn to get old and he turned 27. sadly, his birthday was the day the tornadoes came through tuscaloosa and birmingham. (the scotch was his birthday gift...he wasn't toasting the tornadoes)

- pierce turned 1!

- if anything else happened in may, i don't remember what it was...

- one of my dearest friends carol got married in nashville. it was such a fun wedding and great times with friends

- david and joel successfully smoked their first brisket (it has been the first in a wonderful tradition now. one of our favorite things to do...we love our "family dinners")

- also, we announced that we are adopting!!

- we went to memphis for july 4th weekend.
- we took our annual trip to michigan that is probably what we look forward to most each summer. (don't you like my cheesier than cheese michigan insert in the middle, there?)
- we saw josh ritter in concert which was my favorite show i've ever been to, ever.
- caroline turned 4! i can hardly believe it.
- joel and mandy announced that they were having a baby too!

- i literally have nothing. have no idea what happened.

- we visited david's parents in Houston!

- we threw mark and katelyn's baby shower in our courtyard, which was so much fun!
- we said goodbye to david's granny re who went to be with Jesus.

- i cut my hair!
- we welcomed sweet avory williams into the world!
- we headed back to memphis.

- we had our incredible blessing of an adoption yard sale.
- we got to visit our friends steve and courtney in austin (who also are having a baby!)

- we spent the week of thanksgiving in houston and then we lost the iron bowl :(
- we were approved for our adoption and are now just waiting to be chosen!!

- evie girl turned 1!
- we went cruising...
- we moved into my parents house for a few days over christmas to spend time with liz and jd and the much fun.
whew! that was alot. 2011 was crazy busy (thanks to instagram for capturing most of these memories) but mostly we were reminded time and time again of God's faithfulness to us. we are so excited for 2012 and all it will hold for us and our little family!


carol b said...

I love you! and I think that was a great 2011!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful year-in-review! I just love all the pictures! I think one of the greater things in 2012 is meeting you two...yall are so super fun!

Edie said...

So good to hear about your great year! looking forward to sharing this year with you guys!