Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Josh Ritter EP

could i be an happier about the email i received??? (answer: no)

on february 21st, josh's new ep bringing in the darling's will release. this is a collection of 6 songs recorded  at Brooklyn's Homeward Sound this past winter. here is an excerpt from today's paste article:

the collection of songs, which ritter calls his version of lullabies, came from a recent writing session. the songs didn't fit with the tracks ritter was writing for his still-untitled forthcoming album. as he described it, the tracks were "strays," but thats not all they had in common. every track on album contains the word "darling" at some point. in bringing the collection of songs together, ritter had his title for the ep: bringing in the darlings.
"it always kind of rolls off the tongue," ritter told paste about the reoccurring [sic] word. "it certainly fits in the songs, i think it's a plaintive word. i imagine, what would a cowboy say to a longhorn?"

you can (and should) stream the first release, "why" over at paste right now. seriously. go there now.

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