Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Elizabeth and JD

liz is 14 months older than me (i was not exactly planned). since the day i came home from the hospital liz called me "my baby" and that pretty much sums up the last 24 years of our lives. i think liz has always felt an innate responsibility to take care of me. i probably wouldn't have gotten into college had it not been for her reminding me to get in my applications. most of who i am and what i have done (at least up until college) is a direct result of me competing with her. we held the exact same offices for school committees. she was captain of the soccer team, i was captain of the soccer team. she was top 4 in her class, i was top 4 in my class, etc. etc. but we were always best friends. it was more of an unspoken competition, or really just me trying to be like her. but as our friend, mel, says "i have never met two sisters more alike, but more different at the same time."

i have been extremely blessed with an amazing family. i know that is said a lot, but a lot of different things have led me to realize just how thankful i should be. and not just for my immediate family. i have the greatest family of in-laws ever. i don't think anyone loves their in-laws as much as i do...anyway, that being said. i have decided to dedicate one post a week to a family member (which will, probably include their spouse).

so, this week, i introduce you to my beautiful sister, elizabeth and her husband, jd. meet the wilson family.

i think because we are so close in age, we have some kind of twin thing going on. if you separated us for years, we would probably wind up doing a lot of the same things without realizing it. we are more often than not, saying (or thinking the same things). we sound alike. but there are a lot of differences. and here are some of those:
1. liz is classy. well put together. i'm not. i don't know how you would classify my style, but its not classy.
2. liz is short, i'm tall (because of this, most people think i'm older)
3. liz is a momma's girl, i'm a daddy's girl (and most people would say we are exactly like our mom and dad, respectively)
4. liz is intentional, i'm a little more flighty
5. liz was in design, i was in history (the artsy vs. the dork)
6. liz is more reserved, i'm a little more hyper and loud

there are a lot more, but this is already going to be long. anyway, liz is amazing. after a wedding last week, my friend malorie said "bek, your sister is probably one of the nicest people i've ever met. when she talks to you, she actually listens." that pretty much sums her up. she doesn't pretend to be something that she's not. a lot of time, in my pride, i don't want to admit that i don't know something. she always wants to learn and asks a million questions. i'm so happy she was able to find an amazing guy like jd, which brings me too....(see how i did that?)

jd...he's awesome. he's hilarious. some think he's a mexican. he is such a great leader for liz. when he is convicted about something, he really feels it. like his recent decision to start driving the speed limit. it wasn't something he just did, he really feels the weight of wanting to live to glorify God in all areas of life. together, they do more to bring glory to the kingdom than they could apart, and they realize that and want to bring that to light in everything. basically, i love them...a lot. they always give me a place to stay when i get bored at my parents' house. they give and they give and they give and they never ask anything in return. they are probably two of the most selfless people i have ever met. so, yeah, they're pretty cool.


carol b said...

o blogging... i should start this again.

love you!!!

elizabeth said...

you are ridiculous, and i can't believe you!
I LOVE YOU!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!! and you have no idea how much i adore and appreciate you!