Thursday, July 17, 2008

Michigan 2008

i am so excited because saturday david and i leave for michigan. we are going to drive from atlanta with his sister, liz and her husband, charlie. michigan is so fun. this will only be my 4th year to go but already it has become one of my favorite things to do...definitely my favorite part of the summer.

we go to this place called bethany beach on lake michigan. its a swedish community that 2 years ago celebrated its 100 year anniversary. the place is overrun with carlsons, nybergs, andersons and ytterbergs (among others). the kids dye their hair black to be rebellious. its like no other place i've ever been to. and i love it.

so in honor of bethany beach, i present my anticipated top 8, bottom 4 for this week:

top 8:
1. 70 degree weather and breezy while laying on the beach
2. you feel like your getting in the ocean but then when you get a mouthful of water, its not salty
3. the second you step off the beach, it feels like your in the mountains
4. the best food every day for a week
5. the well - the place to go to get ice cream
6. swedish bakery treats, coffee cake being the best
7. the hammock
8. playing cards at night

bottom 4:
1. i got a tattoo a while back and only liz and charlie have seen it (the rest of the fam - no too pro tattoo)
2. having to sleep on a day bed with my husband on the trundle
3. chore day
4. 12 hours of driving

(maybe i'll do a revised top 8/bottom 4 once we return...)


Greta said...

A friend of mine (who lives in my neighborhood) is headed to Michigan today...interesting. Although...she's not Swedish.

Also, you had to know someone was going to ask. What and where is said tattoo?

P.S. I sure hope you're gonna post your fav dances from last night. Mine were Katee & Will's ballet minus the outfits and weird skip in the music(one of these two should win...or maybe Twitch - humble opnion) and Twitch & Comfort's hip-hop (surprisngly)...but the music helped.
I haaaated the country two-step...bleh. I think Kherington is gone.

Bek* said...

i will post a pic of the tattoo. i realized i never did.

and you are in my head as far as the dances go...katee and will were my fav. the two-step was TERRIBLE as much as it pains me to not like mark, but i think it is all kherington. she just doesn't have energy on stage. but that's just me...

i miss chelsie and mark

Greta said...

totally agree...kherington blew it for mark. i don't prefer it when they switch up the couples :(.

p.s. you're right, comfort didn't deserve to come back BUT i'm glad it was kherington this week - although i agree, she is beautiful.

p.p.s. how many typos did i have in my last comment, 8,000?