Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Liz and Charlie

this would be part 2 of my "why i love my family series." this week, liz and charlie. liz is david's sister (yes, we both have liz's...it can get confusing) and her husband, charlie.
liz and charlie started dating around the same time david and i did. i haven't really known liz without charlie. liz is hilarious. she is a nurse in atlanta. from what i have gathered and been told in stories of their childhood, david and liz hated each other for the better parts of their childhood. it's understandable. david can be what is sometimes referred to as a pest or a bully. when they moved from texas to panama city (and david had grown up a bit) they got to be actual friends. and so they still are. 

i got to spend a good bit of time with just liz and charlie in michigan this past week after david had to fly back to atlanta. it was so much fun. charlie and i have a bond of being "the outlaws." we stick up for each other and bond together when the rest of the family is doing something we don't understand. 

we are very excited about living in the same city with them and getting to hang out for more than 4 hours at a time. i'm also very excited for david that he will finally get to live next to family...something he hasn't had in 6 years. we love them. 

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