Sunday, July 27, 2008


well, i have finally returned from my pilgrimage to the swedish holy land and now is the time for the revised top 8, bottom 4 of the trip. (pictures are to come, i need to get the sand out of our camera)

top 8:
1. sunsets on the beach/at dinner
2. getting ice cream at the well and walking home to counteract the effects
3. card games at night and the inevitable overreaction of someone during a game of "oh heck"
4. dinner on the lawn at chickaming (the country club) while the sunset behind the willows (it could have been out of a movie)
5. my first bethany beach church service (can't even really explain it)
6. getting to meet david's grandpa through a booklet of questions he answered a few years ago
7. not watching tv or talking on the phone or getting online for an entire week
8. no chore day this year!

bottom 4:
1. david leaving on tuesday
2. the day i went to read on the hammock, there were 2 huge spiders hanging out there
3. 3 days of rain
4. leaving

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Biscuet said...

Sounds wonderful. Are you in auburn or atlanta?