Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Malorie

so, i got a job in atlanta, and as of sunday i will be moving there. i don't feel like i'm really moving cause i'm only taking some clothes and i still own real estate in auburn but its as good as permanent.

so today i had breakfast with my dear friend malorie. i love her more than words can express. here's the deal...mal is three years younger than me. she is embarking on her senior year of college. that being said, she is wise beyond her years. i quite often find myself forgetting that she's younger than me. but anyway, she is just so precious to me and now that i've started writing this i feel overwhelmed to put down all the reasons why. basically, she just one of the most genuine people i know. she doesn't say a word that she hasn't thought out and processed and purposefully put together with other just as intentional words. i am ceaselessly amazed by her humility and her pursuit of the Lord in every aspect of her life.

the other night, we were just sitting around talking about a lot of different stuff and she said, "bek, i just have to believe that people can change. i can't live my life thinking otherwise. i mean think about it. if we, as believers, live as people CHANGED, we have to take people at their word that they CAN change." these few sentences spoke to everything we had been talking about that night (friends, some family members, etc). but i was just so amazed because if we would just start thinking about all things in those terms, how different our perspectives would be.

anyway, i love her to death and the way she challenges me. i can't wait to see what the Lord does with our relationship as i move, but i will miss her so much. next stop: sweet leigh anne. 


Biscuet said...

i might cry. thanks for letting me invade some your time with her recently.

Malorie said...

i am crying.
wow. bek, you my sweet friend are amazing and i am completely humbled by your words. thank you for being the friend you are. you have NO clue how much i'm going to miss you. all the tears i held back as i stepped out of your car the other day are flooding the desk i'm sitting at in gulf shores. i miss you so much already.