Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Haiti Nutrition Project

my friends, mandy and joel moved to haiti this summer. their goal? to fight malnutrition by helping establish a plant to make a nutrient-fortified peanut butter substance. its really easy to make and a very simple solution to the issue of malnutrition. haiti is the only country in the western hemisphere with malnutrition as devastating as sub-saharan africa (fact). while they were there, they literally saw kids being pulled back from the brink of starvation and death. this peanut butter stuff is saving lives. this was their second summer there and i highly doubt it was their last.

anyway, they got back a few weeks ago and i'm dying to finally get to sit down with them in person and just talk but i don't seem to know when that will be. but while they were there, mandy took a ton of pictures and these are just a few that they put together. 

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