Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Had Freshman English With This Guy

this morning, i had to leave atlanta. but so as to not have to leave the boys apartment unlocked, i had to leave with them when they went to work. today just happened to be the day they all had to be at work early. so i got back to auburn at a bright and early 7:15 am.

i took a little nap on the couch then woke up and started watching some swimming heats (i guess from last night). i really like watching swimming. yeah, michael phelps is ridiculous, but my husband was a swimmer and i like hearing him talk about it. i went to auburn - home of kick a swimmers. auburn is usually well-represented in the olympics by the swim team (men's and women's - u.s. and foreign). this morning i was watching the 200m breaststroke heats and i see this kid, eric shanteau come in second in his heat. as soon as he stands up in the pool, and i see his face i instantly recognized him - i had freshman english with him. swimmers are people you don't forget. they are very imposing, always wet, really blond...you just don't forget them after you see them every day for a semester. and then you see them randomly on campus, on the autographed swimming poster that hangs in every downtown restaurant. 
i got excited. i love seeing people i know (sort of) and i immediately think "ahh i hope he wins!" then they interview him afterwards and they start talking about cancer. i couldn't really here because i was doing something else, but i decided to look it up. and the articles were overwhelming. at 24, he has been diagnosed with testicular cancer and is forgoing immediate treatment to compete in the olympics. its ridiculous and because there is no need for me to paraphrase what someone has said better, i will let you read the article if you want. i just thought it was crazy and will definitely be pulling for him in this race - which i'm pretty sure it the only event he is competing in. 

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Greta said...

Olympic swimming is amazing. Did you see the American relay team "smash" the Frenchies? I had adrenaline pumping, seriously.

Small world but this guy went to my high school's rival (Parkview) where most of my friends from church went.