Monday, August 11, 2008

Reason #143 I Hate Starbucks

so today i had an interview at buckhead church for a position teaching preschool. everything went well, and barring any major issues between me and my co-teacher, i will start working there on monday. so to celebrate this little bit of good news, i decided to swing by starbucks and get a treat. also, it was only 1:45 and the boys don't get done with work til 6 or 7, so i had nothing but time to kill.

i go into starbucks and i'm feeling frisky so i decide to get a coffee cake and order my usual decaf mocha frappaccino. first of all, do you ever walk in to a place and everything you know logically goes out the window and you feel like everything you've ever trusted has somehow failed you? that's how i felt. one guy was working on something and the other was just standing there looking at me but when i went to order, he looked like it was so beneath him that i wondered if there was some new way of ordering drinks that i wasn't aware of. isn't that what they are there for? to take my order? am i at the wrong end of the counter? what is happening?

anyway, so i order my decaf mocha frappaccino to which i get back a blank stare. did he hear me? i politely repeat my order. this is what happened then:

him: "um, we don't make that in decaf."
me: "oh, do ya'll not have it here? that's ok. ummmmm...."(looking back up at the menu)
him: "do you ever get that at a starbucks? where?" 
me: "well, it depends on which one i go to..."
guy that was actually working: "yeah, it's just a space issue."

then the guy who was theoretically taking my order flips his jonas brothers hair in disgust and looks at his co-worker, not believing that he didn't have his back and says "it's not just a space issue. starbucks doesn't carry that!"
co-worker: "yeah but we used to and now that we have new stuff, there just isn't room for all of it so the decaf got discontinued"
me: "oh ok. that's fine. i'll just have a regular one then."

i could not believe this freakin barrista's attitude. i don't know if he was hopped up on his free espresso shots or what. i wanted to tell him that i don't even like starbucks. it tastes like burned coffee. i wanted to remind him that for someone so high and mighty he works at the most generic, soulless coffee shop imaginable. i wanted comment on his stupid inverted beard (you know where you shave down to your jawbone and let everything under your chin grow). i wanted to say so many things. but i just said thank you and took my treats and walked out remembering why i hate going to starbucks in the first place. 

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elizabeth said...

bek - your blog absolutely cracks me up. please write 10 posts a day so i can entertain myself at work. congrats on the new job! how fun! love you