Friday, August 8, 2008

I Think I Had a Seizure in the Bank Parking Lot

ever since 2 summers ago, i have been open to the idea of having a brain tumor or some other kind of neurological issue. it all started with randomly throwing things across the room (pens when i would go to pick them up, my phone when i would go to answer it, etc.). i have since developed a slight stutter.

today i was in the drive thru at the bank and i put my car in park and leaned out the window and realized i didn't have leverage on anything and slammed my foot down on the gas. the people in the next row thought i was challenging them or something. so then i wait for my deposit slip to come back and as i'm getting situated about to drive off i somehow (still don't know how or why) hit the steering wheel and honked the horn. i think the people around me thought i had serious issues. 

sometimes i wonder myself.


elizabeth said...

i just laughed out loud - really loud at that. i totally saw your spastic self doing it to, and the look on your face. i bet you also screamed "wha" when it happened. thanks for brightening my sick self's day!

becolt said...

You may want to see a neurologist, that sounds like Tourette's.