Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wilson sings "War Eagle"

i was organizing things on my computer just now, and i came across this video of the sweet little boy i used to keep. when david played with martha's trouble, i kept their kids and i spent more time with those two than i did with david. i miss them so much!

but the story behind this is that wilson loved auburn basketball (thanks to his ga ga, not rob and jen) and so one day i decided to play the fight song for him on my phone. that was the end of it. every day, multiple times a day, he would bring me my phone and say "aubie, bek. aubie." meaning, "play the fight song." the version i have on my phone is only the band playing but i still managed to teach him the "go! go! go!" part...the arm thing he just started doing. i guess its inherent to collegiate spirit. anyway, i think its one of the most precious things...maybe it will make you smile too. note: he does not get faked out by the intro. (for rss readers, there is a video here)

wilson fight song from Rebekah Ytterberg on Vimeo.


Greta said...

Awesome. I love how cute he was when he looked at you after "go, go, go". Like, "did I do it right?!"

Bek* said...

yes, and he was so confused as to why i had my camera out (cause i never took pictures of them or anything) so he was much more reserved than usual.