Friday, September 5, 2008

Another Weekend Away

it's that time again: time to go out of town. we can't seem to sit still. and it looks like it will be that way for a little bit longer. you see, for the next few weekends we are quite busy.

this weekend: auburn. game/david playing at eighth and rail
next weekend: beach with my fam. really sad david won't be there.
the next weekend: back to auburn for lsu weekend.
the weekend after that: finally to birmingham for the first time in a while. get my hair did by morgan and a family reunion.
the next weekend: nashville for vandy game. my brothers choice for his birthday weekend.

that puts us into october where we have one weekend free before going back to auburn for another weekend of musical committment. woop woop!

also, apparently, i have a new symptom to my stress. consistent twitching of my lower eyelid. i looked it up for fear that i was going to have a stroke or something. nope, just stress induced. why did i even wonder?

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