Monday, September 8, 2008

David is a Drummer

so, this weekend we went to auburn for a myriad of reasons. one of those was david was playing with his old band, martha's trouble. let me just say this...after a couple of months in atlanta of playing sporadically, if at all, this was a huge chance to just explode. it was one of the greatest shows of theirs yet.

this whole living in atlanta thing has been hard. he hasn't been able to play a whole lot. working 10-12 hour days. not knowing a lot of people in the circle here. its hard. especially when that's where he kicks it. he's amazing. really. its what he should be doing always. 

i'm very excited because very soon an album is coming out. an album he is very proud of. and there will be a show. a show we can't wait for. and maybe a future. one that we pray for with every fiber of our beings. 


elizabeth said...

an album? and a show? shwatt?

Bek* said...

btw...this is an eventual way down the road future. we aren't leaving atlanta.

Anonymous said...

soon... i have all sorts of faith my dear. soon.

but IN atlanta, you hear me!!!