Wednesday, September 24, 2008

IC Will

there is no better word/name i could think of to describe will boyd. he is one of the few people i have met in my life that truly desires to see what it would be like if we all just loved each other...really loved. a lot of people say that these days, but few people live like they really mean it. will says it, acts it, writes it, lives it.

and i'll be honest. i don't know will as well as i wish i did. i met him a few years ago when this group from invisible children came to auburn to show the video and spread the word about child soldiers in uganda. in just a few days, our little group had adopted them. it was nice just to have people our age in town (try living in auburn and not being in college...your old). there departure was followed by a few awesome videos biscuet and i made for them in our spare time at the office. i wish i could find these but i think he took them down from youtube.

then my friend courtney moved to san diego to become a part of the invisible children team. she and will immediately picked up their friendship. and will has been a part of our little "family" even though for me, i would probably get classified as "extended family."

a while back, though, will was diagnosed with some serious health issues - an autoimmune disease among them. he has always taken it like a champ. you will usually hear him talking about other people: things that need to change in the world, how to love people better, wondering what he can do to help others...never complaining. a few months ago he was diagnosed with heart failure and has been suffering from a consistent string of mini heart attacks. he has been told he probably won't survive a major one. and then on saturday i got a text from courtney saying to pray because his health had deteriorated beyond medical treatment. basically, the doctors are saying there is nothing they can do. any treatment will kill him because of his underlying conditions. they even suggested admitting him and beginning hospice care. aside from a trip to the e.r. he is choosing to pray and not hang it up yet.

my point is this: he's one of the most genuinely awesome people i've ever met. and i have been genuinely sad these past few days even thinking about it. so please pray for will. if you don't know him, you should. he is an example of what it looks like when we choose to step out of our own way and just love people the way Jesus intended for us to. so let's show him some of that same love...and pray.


Kristen said...

oh "bepa", i am so sorry. will definitely be praying

Matt and April Dean said...

When did this happen? Man. We will be praying for Will. Thanks for writing about that -- had no idea.
Thanks Bek -- and random, at encounter last night, I showed that video, a guy in the crowd, knows that couple. Unbelievable.