Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Night in Our New Home

It is our first night in our new home. well, second actually. but in an amazing effort by me and david, we managed to unpack our entire apartment in one night. (also, thanks to brant, trey, liz and charlie for the amazing assembly-line-style move in). so, to top off the night of unpacking, we had mcdonald's and watched "swingers" on my computer. that was the movie david chose to consecrate the new place. also, he put our mcdonald's on real plates so we would feel at home. he's awesome.

("like ******* house of pain was gonna do anything.")


Greta said...

Sooo sweet ;).
How IS the new place? Besides completely unpacked?!

Bek* said...

its great actually! moving from a house to a studio apartment has given us the much needed excuse to downsize and de-clutter.

still praying for the house to sell, though!