Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pre-School Quotes

this morning, elijah (almost 3 yrs. old) walks in wearing an awesome shirt...

me: "elijah, who's on your shirt?"
elijah: "mistuh t" (that's mr. t)
me: "do you know what mr. t says?"
elijah: "no...what does he say?"
me: "i pity da fool!"
elijah: "i pity da fool!" 
kelsey: "oooh! winnie the pooh!"


Greta said...

Looove it.
Mr. T kinda rocks, fool.

Katy said...

"My prediction - PAIN!" Ha! Missed you today, lots and lots!!!

Anonymous said...

she's not lying. we MISSED you today. lij still said it today too. so wonderful. hope you're feeling better