Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Life Lately

things have been kind of crazy lately for the ytterbergs. so this is for any of you out there who have just been wondering what we are up to.

we moved to atlanta (well, david moved here in june and i did in august). we have just recently moved into our own apartment. for two weeks we lived in lawrenceville and then for a while we slept on the floor of our dear friends' (brant and trey) apartment. we are very thankful to them for that time. and i think we are still going through withdrawals of not seeing them every day. my favorite part of the day was when trey and brant would be going to bed at night and just stand at their doors for about 30 more minutes because no one wanted to actually go to bed. those were good times. but needless to say our life has gone from this:
to this:

(we still aren't completely set up yet and i would normally never post a picture that included a rubber tub as a nightstand but this is an update so whatev...also note the half wall. on the other side of that is the den and that's about all she wrote). 

we are also still waiting for our house in auburn to sell, so keep praying on that one...

let's sister is preggers. that's right. i will be an aunt again. don't bother asking if its a boy or a girl, because they aren't finding out. 

i teach pre-school these days. a spend a lot of time with a lot of 2 year olds and i love it. aside from the whole potty training thing, it's absolutely so much fun. 

i don't really know if there is anything else of major importance to put up here, but if you have any questions just let me know. i think i will end this post with a top 8, bottom 4 of atlanta. it's about time i do another one of these...

top 8:
1. brickstore
2. how i met your mother marathons with brant and trey
3. i can lay on my bed and talk to david in the den and we are still in the same room
4. i get off work at 4:30, thus missing atlanta traffic
5. david still gets to ride his scooter to work
6. not having fleas anymore
7. listening to 2 year old's conversations during lunchtime
8. being able to walk to brant and trey's apartment

bottom 4:
1. atlanta isn't chicago
2. having fleas for a week and a half
3. driving somewhere for 7 weekends in a row during a gas shortage
4. friday night lights only airing on directv (ok, i know that doesn't really have to do with atlanta, but it is still a bottom 4)


Greta said...

thanks for fillin us all in ;). man, I hope your house will go ahead and sell!

elizabeth said...

rebekah - first of all, i would have liked to have heard more excitement about your sister being preggo. also - the friday night lights situation is DEFINITELY a bottom four!

Tatum said...

wait... friday night lights will not be airing on nbc this fall!?!?! I love that show... (i meant to post this a long time ago!)

Bek* said...

it is sad but true...but now that i know, we should definitely have friday night lights parties!