Tuesday, October 7, 2008


so last night we went to a hanson concert. that's right, i said it. hanson. it was actually pretty good (had i not been overwhelmingly tired). we had a good time. you see, the company david works for, matchstic, has been working on their forthcoming book about social justice issues. so as a "thank you" of sorts, they gave us all tickets. so the whole gang headed out of the office to midway in EAV for a great dinner. we had a great time watching nick's daughter lucy dance to bob marley (lucy is famous in east atlanta...seriously. she's like the community child). then we headed on over to variety playhouse. little did i know we would be VIP...whatup? so we work our way through the mentally unstable crowd and find our seats. we then settled into a night of people watching with hanson as excellent background music. seriously, i've never seen anything like the people that were at this concert. it was insane.

so after the concert, we head around back to the tour bus area. i figure this will be a qick slip into some area that we will all meet. no. there are already throngs of girls waiting by the tour buses. (side note: all 3 hansons are married with 6 children among them...they are NOT available). so we meet them all as they become available. zach first, then taylor, and lastly isaac. they were so nice. i can only imagine how difficult it would be to have a conversation with business associates while you have women behind you screaming they love you and they'll do anything for just a picture.

so after a few minutes of the horrendous awkwardness, we head into the crew bus because it is the least populated. and the guys talk some business and go over new ideas for the book while me and rebekah (the freelancer's wife) sit up front and talk to their bass player and a writer for people magazine. we all had a great conversation. at one point, zach walked through and was like "don't you love our crazy wild bus...with all our ladies and booze." unless you consider a bass player in pajamas a lady and water booze, you will understand that he was being sarcastic. they actually take all their wives and children on the road with them...something that being married to a musician, i very much respect.

i'm not quite sure how long we were on the bus but it was a good time. they are real people. it was the getting off the bus that was most humorous. we stepped off and their was an audible sigh across the crowd as they realized we weren't not a hanson brother, but then after the last of us, taylor gets off the bus and is met with roaring screams. also, while we were still on the bus, the bass player was warming up a hot dog and taylor stopped him and told him to go over to the other bus because there were chili dogs from the varsity. and then they asked our opinion on the varsity and we said it was difinitely something you have to try in atlanta...and then i said (seriously, i did)..."its great! i would just make sure you can flush the toilets on these things..." i don't even know.

but as we got off the bus i told nick that i would rather scale the wall of the building than have to walk back out through that crowd. i was truly afraid one might try to grab me and smell me or something. but all in all, it was a great night. we had great fun. and hanson are great people. so win, win, win right?


Greta said...

I believe you did them a favor with your warning about the Varsity. And, since you mentioned it, I'm now craving a chili dog, onion rings and an f.o. - yum!!

Katy said...

That is really cool! And I definitely respect the brothers for bringing their families. Pretty cool. Who knew???