Monday, November 17, 2008

Pre-School Quotes

yes, this is another kid story. what can i say? i'm with them all week long.

so today josh is dropping off charlotte and olivia and he says he has a funny story. (if you know charlotte, that's not all that uncommon). so he had been discussing with the girls that God loves them even when they misbehave. and he asks charlotte, "who loves you?" and she says "mommy and daddy and creighton..." and so he follows up with "that's right. but do you know who loves you MORE than that?" (God being the desired answer here). charlotte, apparently without hesitation responds "miss bekah!" 

that's right, charlotte. God...miss bekah. it's not the first time there's been confusion. ah, just kidding. but charlotte's awesome and i do love the kid...probably not more than her mom and dad, but a lot. here she is one day when she decided to play for about 30 minutes with the glasses from a mr. potato head. 

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elizabeth said...

hilarious. interestingly, last night jd asked me who loved me more than he did, and i responded with bek!, i kid, i kid. love you! couting down the days!!!