Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Modern Nightstands

so...when we moved from auburn we sold or are in the process of selling everything because we had a lot of random stuff but nothing we were in love with. so now we are in the process of gathering pieces we love. we went to ikea on sunday to look for one of the following: nightstands, a coffee table, or a breakfast table. we left ikea with two lampshades and the decision to buy a new bed. as we laid on a chaise lounge in a mock bedroom discussing our current decoration theme, david let's it rip that he doesn't like our bed. 15 minutes later, it turns out his dislike for our bed is really referred hatred from the armoire that holds our tv (david is a complex man).

so anywho, we decided we wanted a new bed and we even picked out which one, but decided to hold off for just a bit on that purchase. but the decision to get a new bed didn't solve our dilemma of nightstands. but it did make it easier because the new style allows us to get ones that we really love. it doesn't unfortunately solve our dilemma of being broke as a joke. so....CHRISTMAS PROJECT!

in less than a day, david had discussed and debated with his dad and hopefully, if all goes well, we will have new custom-made nightstands after christmas. they are so psyched to work on them and most importantly, do it together. they love to build things. david is the ultimate engineer. and his sister is a real one, so that helps too. but, meet our new nightstands...
the great thing is that, by building them, we can lower them to make them fit the size of our soon-to-be bed (which does affect my ocd somewhat in that they won't have the whole perfect square thing going on...but oh well...)


Greta said...

It's like he was at the psychiatrist's couch...on the chaise...explaining all his deep-seeded furniture hatred.

And, you weren't kidding about the OCD-idness. Although, and I tell Bob this all the time as he also claims OCD, I do believe what you are referring to with the perfect square-ness is just you being a tad anal.

(Did that seem super rude?)

elizabeth said...

ok, why don't you just make the square smaller? and keep it a square. also, when you said david ripped that he didn't like the bed, i thought you meant he ripped one...in ikea!!! hahah
lastly, what are you going to do with your current bed? and can i have your current bedding??

Bek* said...

greta - absolutely not being rude. i am a bit anal about stuff like that...thankfully i am not clinically OCD :)

liz - i thought about the square after the fact. that is what we will probably do. ha! and not sure what we are doing with the current bed but the current bedding will remain - just tweaked a little bit. sorry to disappoint!

erintumlin.blogspot.com said...

i love this post and the comment exchange! i thought you were going to say david ripped one too... sad thing is, the exact smell came to mind when i read that ... i know those farts all too well.