Monday, December 22, 2008

Playing Catch Up

so, like i mentioned earlier, life has been extremely crazy lately...not only have we been really busy, but for about a week, our internet didn't work. my friend biscuet says that a successful blogger posts at least once a day. i have been severely lacking in this skill here is a recap of the past week or so:

- we had our waumba weekday christmas program. whoever says you can't get 2 year olds to sing, is crazy. it was awesome!

- we had our waumba weekday staff party. getting to talk without babies crying or chasing after little kids, was priceless.

- david and i went to birmingham for christmas with my side. my niece is getting so big i have no idea what to do with her. she is the cutest thing in the world. this is david with his spoils of the "as seen on tv" dirty santa...we are tempted to break things just to "mighty putty" them back together. i got an "open it" - a 4 in 1 tool designed by stay at home moms. it led to an unfortunate accident where my cousin's husband cut through two layers of clothing - not quite as safe as they make it out to be. 

- i dyed my hair brown. (and haven't washed it much since)

- we went to see the nutcracker at the fox...believe it or not, birmingham puts on a better show. but it was still fun. 

- and now we are back in atlanta for another day then off to houston for christmas with the ytterbergs. 


Biscuet said...

Daily is the goal... not necessarily the law. The worst are those blogs where people write once every couple of weeks, but the whole post is, "i'm really sorry, i promise i'll get better at writing more often." I HATE those. Anyway, thanks for the update... you're hair looks great. i didn't recognize you.

Lee said...

GET OUT OF HERE.. YOUR HAIR IS HOT. it looks fabulous.. it makes your eyes look gorgeous!

i have 2 year olds too.. but mine didn't sing.. they SCREAMED.

Greta said...

OMG - your eyes are crazy!!! Who knew they were so freakin' blue? Not this one.

Anyway, I'm also diggin' the hair. L-o-v-e it. And I'm done.

I'm gonna have to remember the "as seen on TV" for dirty santa. What a great idea!

And, I heart the nutcracker...seriously. I was in it a couple times as a youngster (not the one at the Fox, just for clarification) and Bob took me to see it one year in Nashville. Love, love, love it. I think I secretly wanted to be the sugar plum fairy...I guess in real life.

Oh! We got your Christmas card. It's great! Super crafty ;).
Y'all have a safe trip and a merry, merry Christmas!

maggiemae and family said...

ditto on the hair :) you look awesome!!

Tatum said...

is that photo of you going to be on my computer.. :) (or did you take it with your iphone)

Bek* said...

thanks to all!

and tatum- i did take it on your computer but i deleted it after posting.