Wednesday, December 10, 2008

IKEA Nightstands

i love making things my own. i love to take old things and make them new (just ask david...he has issues with how much i paint old funiture). so especially for him, the idea of buying something brand new and then changing it didn't make much sense. (i have very specific ideas in my head that i can rarely find in the real world - this is the single reason almost everything with our wedding went horribly wrong. but that's a whole "what not to do" book.) well, that was a month ago. then, we were so sick of not having nightstands and we realized there were better things to do with our money than buy a whole new bed on top of everything else we have going on right now.

so sunday we went to ikea and bought some basic nightstands. BUT then we went to anthropologie (ahhhh, my sanctuary) and we picked out new knobs. david got to pick his awesome black and ivory one that still looks manly. and i picked out mine. now we have nightstands that are unique to us. 

i know that probably sounds lame to some people but rarely do i find something in the condition that it is going to stay in. i like it to look different. i like it to look like me. so we took this:

and turned it into these:

can you guess which side of the bed is mine? hmmm.


Lee said...

wow! love how personal it is.. your knob is FANTASTIC.

Greta said...

your knob IS fantastic! we do the same thing...knob changes can make all the difference in furniture.