Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Last Encounter (for real)

so today was a long day. last night david and i drove to auburn to go to the last encounter. if you know anything about encounter, you know how late it starts/gets over. so that made for a late night coming home and then chasing 2 year olds around all day today. but it was worth it. for my reminiscent thoughts on encounter, check here.

but anyway, it was an awesome night. it was almost surreal to be there, with a completely different band in a building that wasn't even finished when we moved, much less had ever been in before. we thought it was fitting that encounter started in one of the oldest buildings on campus and ended in the newest.

we also had a lot of friends from birmingham, atlanta, etc. to come. it was great to see everybody all in one spot again. it was a great 6 years and we will miss it greatly but hong kong will be gaining something amazing. i'm excited to see what will happen there.

this picture was taken 3 years ago before an encounter. we were talking about this exact picture while we were taking this one...

probably one of the more awkward pictures ever taken. but i love each of them.

all the girls. memories of all the small groups. all the monday night dinners at dan's. all the musical roommates. it was good times.

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Emery said...

I found out a few weeks ago that encounter was ending. Good times.
By the way.....I dig your blog.